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Hot Mess Express.

I've really missed blogging. It's been a while. I've started and stopped several posts in the last three months. Life has been chaotic in too many different ways to list here, and I've learned to recognize when I need to take a step back. Or when my mind is such a tornado of thoughts that nothing useful would likely come from blogging anyway.  I can feel that season coming to a close and I'll have more to say soon. Life is nearly kind enough to let this be regular again; to let me be my normal, overly-communicative, super vulnerable self. 

Sometimes (not right now, for me) you get to these places in the healing journey that are oddly smooth. It feels...weird. Good, but weird. You're used to inner tumult, not inner peace. You can't help but find yourself waiting for the next rough patch, but maybe this time it won't come? Spoiler alert: it will.
Anyhow, during those good patches, you may find yourself patting yourself on the back for all the hard work you&…

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